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Email Marketing Strategies – This WILL Make You More Money!

In this article I am going to show you exactly what you should do, if you want to make profits while building your list of subscribers. You know, me and Ivana, we are going BIG about list building. And it`s because this is probably THE BEST way out there to make huge, passive, guaranteed income.

First Step

First, and most important thing of all email marketing strategies, is the niche. Email marketing won`t be profitable, if you do not choose a good niche to work in. And a niche is a group of people. Niche is NOT some problem, or some keyword. Niche is a group of people who are interested in the same things, who share the same passions, and have the same problems. We see so many new people out there, who are just starting out, who have problems choosing the niche to work in. Below are a few examples of good and bad niches.

Dog owners is a good niche. These are people who have the same interests and problems.

Thai food is NOT a good niche. Because this is not a group of people! A group of people would be women interested in learning to prepare Thai food.

Weight loss is NOT a good niche. But women after pregnancy, who need to lose weight and get back in shape, is a perfect niche.

This is why.

When you have a group of people – the niche, you can easily find at least 10 passions or problems those people have. And obviously – you can offer a solution!

Just think about if you would choose “weight loss” as a niche. What can you offer to those people after they lose weight? Nothing. Because you don`t know them, you don`t know what they are interested in. I also made this mistake what I was just starting out – this is the biggest mistake one can make. NONE of email marketing strategies, no matter how great they are, will help if you are not targeting the right niche.

So choosing the right niche is the most important step of all email marketing strategies, when building email list.

Next Step – Find Their Problems!

When you have a niche, you need to get a list of 10 problems those people have, and find the solutions to those problems. Additionally, get a list of products you could promote to those people. Products that solve their problems.

Set up Your Campaign

Now, as you got your research done. Need to move on to the email marketing campaign set up. First, you will need to get a squeeze page ready, and a free ebook you would give away to your subscribers, in exchange for their name and email address.

Products You Sell

Then, you need to get 3-4 ebooks ready, the ones you would sell to your list. These ebooks will convert really well, because people know you already, an trust you. And they know that your products and solutions are top notch.

Make It Run On Autopilot

And last but not the least important, is getting your email follow up messages sequence ready.

For the first 4 messages or so, you should only provide free, valuable content. Then you can start promote products on every 4-5 message. Make sure you do not promote too often, as people will start unsubscribing, and that`s not what you`re after.

Getting it All Together

To do all this, and get your niche email marketing campaign set up, you would need to work at least one full week full time. Most likely two weeks.

But if you would have your niche research done, and content for your free and paid products already in place, if you would have all the tools needed, you could easily set up a new campaign in less than 3 days. And the best thing about it is that you can leave such campaigns run on auto pilot, because all the email messages are being sent automatically. You just need to drive traffic to your squeeze page!

As a member of Niche Marketing Camp, you get 80% of the work done for you. You get niche research, you get the squeeze pages, you get all the content needed for your free and paid ebooks, you even get the suggested follow up messages sequence! By having all that, you can build a new targeted niche campaign every 3 days! We build new niche campaigns all the time, and some make more profits, some make less, but they all are profitable.

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